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10 Ton Bundle

10 Ton Bundle

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  • 10 Ton Bundle
  • 10 Ton Bundle

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RigWheels 10-Ton Bundle offers our most complete assortment of products along with supporting accessories in a discounted bundle. All of our parts and configurations are competitively priced as stand-alone products but when you take advantage of the multifunction design of our parts you really save a lot. These items purchased alone cost $2,283 but our shared component design saves you $984 in this bundle. “When I’m working on location and start pulling out and using my RigWheels tools around a new crew I inevitably end up selling a couple of the 10 Ton Bundles by the end of the project. When people get to see first hand all of the functionality that this well thought out assortment of parts provides, the bundle sells itself.” (Lance Lundstrom, RigWheels Creator)

Please see the descriptions for the individual products for more detailed information about each configuration.

This bundle includes the components to configure:

18″ Rail Brackets
75mm Ball Adapter
100mm Ball Adapter
MicroWheel Stage 1 Carriage
MicroWheel Stage 3 Carriage
RigMount X6
RigMount Sport 2 pieces
RigPlate Suction Mount
Strap & Safety Kit
RigPlate Riser Kit
Stand Adapter 2 pieces

As for all RigWheels products, there are many different ways you can configure components depending on the shot you’re trying to get and the surface you’re mounting to. The Cloud Mount for example shares some of the same components with our other mounting and dolly products so if you already own a system you may be able to upgrade to this configuration and vise versa, if you purchase this mount you will have the ability to upgrade to add more functionality.

Titel: 10 Ton Bundle
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