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Cross Bar 13

Cross Bar 13"

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  • Cross Bar 13
  • Cross Bar 13\

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Cross Bar 13"

2 years of kicking around design ideas and prototypes have gone into the design of these Rail Brackets. A simple concept on the surface however, one of the rules we live by is that our parts have to be multipurpose and multifunctional. Every bracket we have seen in the marketplace is proprietary in function (a few allow for different sizes of pipe). We wanted to produce a bracket that is truly “universal” and believe we have threaded the needle between function, design and price.

These brackets are universal in BOTH width and pipe size so they can be used with virtually any suspended rail type slider/dolly on the market. You can use pipe with an outside diameter between 1″ (24mm) and 2″ (50mm). You can also use square/rectangular rails up to 1-3/4″

The useable distance between the rails (center to center) is adjustable from 5″ to 21.5″ with the 3 different lengths of cross-bars we stock. You can also use full or half-strut widely available at hardware stores to make custom lengths.

We also wanted the brackets to be versatile in how you can attach them to stands & tripods. Most options on the market require that you mount your system to baby or junior light stands and in our experience this is not ideal. You can of course do that with our system but we give you some other great options for mounting that are MORE stable than just using a single light stand on each end. (see video above)

One order includes 2 pieces (both ends of the track)

13″ Cross Bars are the correct size for MicroWheels Carriages 1, 2 & 3

18″ Cross Bars are the correct size for the RailDolly Configurations.

23.5″ Cross Bars are here for future uses

2x 13″ Cross Bar 
4x Variable Size Pipe Clamp 
2x Baby Junior Adapter 
8x 3 Prong Knob – 5/16-18″
2x 3 Prong Knob – 1/4-20″ 
8x 5/16″ Washer 
2x 3/8″ Bolt – 3/4″ Long 
2x 3/8″ Split Washer 
2x 3/8″ Washer 

Titel: Cross Bar 13"


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