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PortaRail 10' with Soft Case

PortaRail 10' with Soft Case

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  • PortaRail 10' with Soft Case
  • 10´PortaRail with Soft Case
  • PortaRail 10\' with Soft Case
  • PortaRail 10\' with Soft Case
  • PortaRail 10\' with Soft Case
  • PortaRail 10\' with Soft Case
  • PortaRail 10\' with Soft Case

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PortaRail 10' with Soft Case

RigWheels PortaRail is the original Collapsible Speed Rail system. First introduced in 2014 it is the strongest and most accurate collapsable rail that we have seen on the market. Constructed from high-grade 6061 aluminum for rigidity and machined to a tolerance of .001″, sections of track connect seamlessly via threaded connectors (you will not notice a “bump” when rolling over them).

The removable connectors serve several important purposes:

1) If threads are damaged from mishandling, they can be replaced.

2) They allow the tubes to remain lightweight without compromising   strength.

3) They allow other types of adapters and connections to be screwed into to the tubes.

Sections are either 40″ (1 meter) or 19″ (48.26cm) long. The 6061 aluminum is much stronger than the architectural aluminum that is sometimes used for similar applications. The stronger material provides much more rigidity which means a more solid system with very little flex. At 80″ the camera slider rails have less than 1/8″ of flex with a 40 pound load placed at the center. Each piece goes through a 6 step process to make them straight enough and round enough for precision camera movement.

This is a universal product and can be used with any other “speed-rail” type slider or dolly with a similar OD. The outside diameter is 1.65″ (41.9mm).

1x 10′ PortaRail Traveler Kit – Soft
1x PortaRail Soft Case 40″
6x PortaRail 1pc
4x PortaRail Connector 


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