The main difference between a free-standing teleprompter and a tripod teleprompter is that the free-standing version does not allow you to mount a camera directly on the teleprompter.
The setup is such that the teleprompter stands on its own tripod and the camera is placed on a second tripod behind it.

This increases the range of applications of a teleprompter.
For example, free-standing teleprompters are used in some studios where the teleprompter is always fixed in one place. The camera can then be quickly moved behind the teleprompter using a pedestal tripod or a dolly.

Another example is when the camera used is very heavy.
In this case, it makes sense to split the teleprompter and the camera onto 2 separate tripods so that all the equipment is on a tripod and there is no danger of the teleprompter and the camera falling over due to the weight.

Our teleprompters offer the advantage that the sled (the rail on which the camera is mounted) can be screwed on and off the teleprompter. This allows you to quickly convert a tripod teleprompter into a free-standing teleprompter and the other way round.

We would always recommend adding the Sled kit because of the expansion of the use possibilities.

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