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In this section you will find information about the teleprompter glasses, but also tutorials on how to replace the teleprompter glass and check if it is installed correctly.

Which glass does Prompter People use?

Prompter People glass is standardized at 65/35, that is the only glass that Prompter People offer.

How do you check that the teleprompter glass is built in the teleprompter in the right way?

There you can make a test by putting you finger on the teleprompter glass. If it is build in correct the picture look like this.

There is no gap between your finger the picture of your finger in the mirror.


Replacement of a teleprompter glass from a Prompter People teleprompter

We recommend you to have your teleprompter glass changed from SCHNITTPUNKT, Germany. Send a mail to and clear the details for a glass exchange.

To change the teleprompter glass you have to unscrew the 6 screws in the plastic hood.
Remove the hood and then you see the teleprompter glass holder with 8 nuts.
You have to unscrew these nuts and then you can remove the teleprompter glass.

To mount the new teleprompter glass please watch the video on our Youtube chanel.
Here is the link:

Youtube Video

Now you only have to screw everything together again.

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