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Telescroll replaces FlipQ as the default software for all teleprompter. You can get it as download or USB-stick version. For people who have a Flip-Q software there will be a legacy version. So our old customers can buy the new software for only 99 € (plus tax).

TeleScroll has many unique features that put it at the forefront of prompting programmes.
It is scalable, which is unique. The client can set the size of the scrolling script window and Telescroll can share the screen with other applications. This is a great feature for streaming. You can see the people you are talking with and see the text you want to speak.


Another unique feature is the remote control function. This makes it possible to control a teleprompter remotly. The software must be available twice for this, then a teleprompter in Hamburg can be controlled from Paris. The teleprompter operator does not have to be present in the recording studio himself. With TeleScroll, the teleprompter operator can do different jobs in completely different studios in one day from at home.

It is on MAC and PC, unlike most programs. Also on iOS and Android. The iOS and Android versions have to be purchased in the App store or Google Play store, they are very affordable as was iCUE.

With TeleScroll, like all prompting software, best practice is for the cue operator to put cue points in the script. Then they can pause the script, make an edit, go back to the script and press the hotkey cue point to go back to that section.

For TeleScroll an autoreversing monitor is required. TeleScroll does not have the extended desktop feature from Flip-Q, so customers who have non-reversing monitors will need to stick with FlipQ. That would be our customers 2015 or prior.

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